Witness The Transformative Results: Dive Into Our Red Light Therapy Testimonials!

Rejuvenation That You Can Feel!

No Technician Required

No additional staff is required to operate our equipment and is built for every-day use!

Total Body Treatment

Through utilizing the latest red and near-infrared light therapy, clients can see results fast!

Expert Training

Every office that purchases a machine gets expert training included!

Incomparable Inch Loss

Each treatment on the Trifecta helps patients lose up to 2 inches!

Next-Level Office Support

Our team members are dedicated to helping Trifecta succeed in your office! Coaching, Training, and Marketing are included!

Incredibly Fast

A head to toe red light treatment in 10 minutes!

Why have more than 400 offices chosen to use Trifecta?

Effective Marketing
We pair your office with the best marketing team to help create a near endless and consistent flow of new patients without lifting a finger.
Dedicated Training Teams

Some people have never even offered weight loss related services in their offices which is why our team pairs your office with those that can help you succeed!

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    What Really Sets Trifecta Light Apart From The Rest?

    Office Procedures

    Office Procedures

    Learn to most efficient way to process clients in your office!
    1-On-1 Training

    1-On-1 Training

    Our experts will train you on how to get maximum results!
    Package Building

    Package Building

    Our experts will teach you how to sell packages to your clients!
    Driving Referrals

    Driving Referrals

    Learn how to successfully develop a referral practice!

    What We Offer Our Providers

    Why Offices Love Trifecta Beds

    We provide latest technology with expert specialists at a reasonable cost. The Trifecta Light Bed will always provide the best patient care.

    Vibration Machine Included

    Help patients lose inches over the following 24 hours!

    Composition Machine Included

    Get laser-focused result tracking with your BCA machine that is included with the purchase of a bed!

    Trifecta Light Bed