How it all Began

In the 1980’s, NASA conducted multiple studies in space, resulting in the discovery that certain wavelengths of light cause a reaction within various cell structures. These studies show that low level light can have a healing, natural and healthy influence on the human body, based on which wavelength of light is utilized. Further use in aesthetic applications have shown that red light tends to stimulate fibroblast cells which then cause collagen and elastin to form.  Infrared light has been shown to stimulate circulation, which can help multiple cell structures resulting in a healing response. Of course, diet and exercise are important to lead a healthy lifestyle, while utilizing various light therapies can be an added benefit, potentially improving both appearance and well-being.

Patients experiencing Red Light Therapy will enjoy a much deeper and complete exposure to these wavelengths of light. The session is painless; there is no heat or discomfort involved and no risk to the patient. It is completely safe.

The Technology

Non-invasive, LED-based light therapy is currently the highest in-demand treatment being sought by patients of today simply because of the healthy nature of the outcomes. Unlike ultrasound, radio frequency, laser light and freezing, LED-based therapies do not cause cellular damage. Quite the opposite, LED light has been shown to promote a natural response within cells based on the wavelength of the light energy used and the type of cell it reaches. Both red and near-infrared wavelengths have been used in a wide range of therapies that promote some form of healing response.

By delivering both red light and infrared light via high-powered LEDs that are imbedded in a bed that fully encapsulates the patient’s body, achieving maximum results is easy. A Trifecta Light session is pain-free, with no heat or discomfort, and is safe to operate for the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

We feel that the best part about the Trifecta bed beyond the amazing results is the team that each office is paired with to ensure that not only is the bed meeting the needs of your clients, but also your needs as a business owner! Come see why so many have joined the Trifecta Bed family!

During the treatment, your patient will be placed lying down inside the Trifecta Bed and close the top half. Then they simply enjoy a relaxing 10 minute session!

The unique light emitted from a red light therapy system causes the fat cell membranes to temporarily alter the permeability of the cell wall. This brief change allows some of the fat contents to seep out to where it can then be processed by the body.

After being released, the fat is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol and the contents are taken to liver by the lymphatic system. Here the contents are either used or quickly eliminated by the body.